Star & Crown Oracle


Abraxas is the original force behind the creation of our solar system. Their name represents the seven classical planets. They hold infinite power and possibilities. Their shield is of wisdom and their whip is power. They represent foresight and vigilance; inner sense and understanding. They're both good and evil; light and dark; benevolent and malevolent. They bring both creation and destruction. Abracadabra! I will create! I will destroy! 

Queen of Infinite Space

Nuit is the night sky, she is heaven. She stretches in an infinitely-expanding circle around us, whose circumference is unmeasurable and whose center is everywhere. She is the great mother and the lover. She finds joy in your joy and pleasure in your pleasure. She is our lady of the stars, lady of the starry heaven. She brings unimaginable joy in life and peace in death. She encourages us to seek our True Will and live life to its fullest. Whatever difficulties you are experiencing are also opportunities to heal. Let go of your resistance and remove what doesn't serve you. We must push through our fears. Love is the law, love under will.

As above, so below

Baphomet represents the unique polarity in life and signs the hermetic concept of the microcosm versus the macrocosm. How both the intellectual and the physical; the spiritual and the material worlds reflect in on each other forever. They balance the four elements, air, fire, water, and earth within themselves. Baphomet reminds us to look within, to reflect on what may be imbalanced. Kindness and love can go hand in hand with power, strength, and judgment.

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