Button Soup Tarot – The King of Pentacles


I feel so very honored to be able to contribute to the Cult of Tarot's community tarot deck. The sales from Button Soup Tarot will go directly to the continued maintenance and support of the forum. We initially funded the deck through Kickstarter and is still available to purchase at Rabbit Moon's Tarot. If you haven't checked out Cult of Tarot I suggest you do, it is a great community forum with a wealth of knowledge.

Each deck is printed on 350gsm art paper cardstock with a smooth matte finish, gold foil trim on each card face and gold foil edging. The deck comes in a decorative printed very sturdy 2-piece cardboard box with a guidebook authored by all the artists the contributed to the creation of the deck.

Card Meaning written in the LWB

The King of Pentacles stands before you with the unshakeable abundance of Earth and with the ferocity of divine fire at their side. This is a king who has created prosperity and it grows out from the ground around them in perfect balance. They are the key to prosperity, growth, and symbolize stability. They offer protection to anyone on this physical plane. They are the king of spirits of Earth. Bringer of the divine Fire to Earth. They are the one who guards you on your left and illuminates your path. They are Fire of Earth. The King of Pentacles represents reaching your goals, hard work that will pay off, bettering yourself, not taking risks, being dependable, reliable, courageous and generous.

The King of Pentacles holds their scepter in one hand and their pentacle in the other, radiating their power within this material plane. They are fully armored and ready to protect their kingdom if needed. They are a Pegasus-centaur, one of above and below. Their lantern illuminates all and their magic square provides protection and safety. The grapes represent abundance and the fruit of Earth. Corn is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Celosia invokes benevolence, encouragement, warmth, and health. The apple blossoms represent happiness, abundance, and success. While the life-giving light shines down on the land nurturing the spirit of our world.

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