Baphomet Notebook


I am so very excited to finally see my Baphomet notebook printed and in my hands. The dot grid pages make it easy to customize each page to fit your needs, may you be using this as a regular notebook or as a magical record like I will be doing.  I created a pretty unique feature (IMO) to this notebook. I baked in a protection sigil to protect and keep out those that shouldn't be peering where they aren't welcome. Below I have included a few photos of what you can expect to see inside.

Multi-purpose Notebook that can be used as:
Journal, Writing Pad, Sketchbook, Diary, Dream Record, Book of Shadows, Grimoire, Magical Record, Magical Journal, or Magical Diary.


  • Illustrated Baphomet cover. (full colour)
  • Interior Baphomet Illustration. (black & white)
  • Interior Baphomet protection sigil. (black & white)
  • 8”x10” notebook.
  • 201 dot grid pages.
  • Each dot is 0.5cm from the next one.
  • Each dot grid page is numbered.

"As above, so below; As within, so without; I neutralize all harm directed at these pages. My shadow diverts the malevolent. My Light imbues these pages with love & protection. I know what is not seen, heard or felt. I am connected to the light & know the infinite void. I am polarity. I shield all that is within & ward off the unwelcome."


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